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  • Campaign-to-Abolish-Torture-in-Vietnam

    Campaign to Abolish Torture in Vietnam

    The Campaign To Abolish Torture In Vietnam seeks to rally domestic and international pressure to end all forms of torture in Vietnam. We monitor and report instances of torture and mistreatment of detainees and prisoners in Vietnam, and we support and defend courageous individuals and civil society organizations in Vietnam who do the same.Our report, “Vietnam: Torture and Abuse  of Political and Religious Prisoners,” offers a rare, in-depth account of abuses in Vietnam’s notoriously inaccessible prisons and detention centers. It […]

BPSOS History & Co-founder


"Boat People SOS has welcomed Vietnamese asylum seekers fleeing reeducation camps, harassment, and religious persecution, labor violations and other human rights abuses."

— Congressman Christopher Smith (NJ)